WATCH: Sleep Nation Takes an Interstellar Voyage on ‘HEADLIGHTS’

Outer space is the place to be for all kinds of Nashville rock bands these days.

Sleep Nation is the latest band to head out on an intergalactic mission, depicted in their new video for “HEADLIGHTS.” Directed and edited by Tony Grissom, the DIY video depicts the band in their “space vessel” and at mission control, as they carry on through the cosmos on a mission fraught with danger.

Sonically, “HEADLIGHTS” is an enjoyable blues-influenced romp complete with slow-burning grooves, emotive, soul-drenched guitars, and the impassioned, gritty vocals of frontman Bran Merritt. The singer tells a tragic tale of two star-crossed lovers who ultimately lost the fight, and was inspired by Wayne Cochran’s 1961 single, “Last Kiss.”

Take a trip through the galaxy, and watch it all come together below!

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