Maddy Hicks Says It’s Time to ‘Wake Up and Call the Uber’

When it comes to our previous relationships, sometimes we just need to “Wake Up and Call the Uber.”

With that, we introduce you to the latest single about the twentysomething experience from Maddy Hicks. “Wake Up and Call the Uber” was written for one of Hicks’ classes at Belmont University, and produced by Jeff Toth to have a vulnerable synth-pop feel similar to Taylor Swift’s “Delicate.”

“This song is about becoming just a hookup to an ex who used to be really important,” Hicks said. “The title is a play off of the saying ‘wake up and smell the roses,’ which also applies to how the narrator needs to move on.”

If you want more from Maddy, you won’t have to wait long: her EP, Nightlife, will hit streaming platforms on June 4. In the meantime, enjoy its second single below!

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