Next Week, Enjoy the Live from the 615 Summer Rewind!

We’ve been working over-overtime so far in 2021. So, we’re taking a brief retreat next week to stretch our legs and explore.

However, we have something to hold you over while you anxiously await our return: Introducing the Live from the 615 Summer Rewind!

Starting this Sunday, May 30 and continuing through June 6, we will give you a special look at some of our favorite Live from the 615 performances to date! We’ve got rock, we’ve got soul, we’ve got hip hop and a whole lot more in store — and you get a front row seat for all of them!

Our 2021 Live from the 615 Summer Rewind will feature performances by:
Beyond Here
Borrowed Sparks
Down Boy
Fresh Lady
Natasha Blaine
Stray Nova
Timothy Myles

Each day, we’ll feature a new performance, which will premiere here and on our Live from the 615 YouTube channel at 8 a.m. CT. In fact, you can click that link and set reminders on each video, so you can start each day with something new and exciting!

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