PHOTOS: Lombardy, The Sewing Club, and Forts Like Vana at The East Room

Prior to Memorial Day Weekend and our ensuing sabbatical, we hosted our first venue show in 15+ months via Live from the 615 — and it was incredible.

It was a night of rock and roll featuring the red-hot talents of Lombardy, The Sewing Club, and Forts Like Vana. Going in, we knew we had a killer lineup, but we didn’t know what to expect. After more than a year and a pandemic, we asked ourselves “if we built it, would people come?”

The answer was yes. In fact, we had ourselves a near-capacity crowd of rock and roll fans who gave us one of our best nights in Nashville.

What a relief — after everything we’ve been through as a city, country, and world — to see so many smiling faces enjoy three bands at the height of their powers, crushing it with high-energy sets all night long. There was a persistent feeling of gratitude in the air, and the assurance that, through it all, our city and industry is still standing tall.

Thank you to The East Room for hosting us, the bands for sharing their gifts, and every single person who came out to enjoy the show. Our photos are below, and we look forward to the next one with Talia Stewart, Katie King, and Fresh Lady on June 24!

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