Iveen’s Latest Single, “Celtic Creed,” Takes Us to a New Dimension

Some things just seem good for this world, and one of those is the music Iveen has blessed us with. She redefines the word “ethereal” and brings us into a unknown serene dimension.

When I stumbled across Iveen, she immediately caught my attention. Her Celt-pop sound is derived from Irish and Scottish heritage, and is influenced by artists like Enya and The Pogues, who made waves by blending their Celtic folk roots with rock and pop. Iveen, however, is in a category of her own when it comes to individuality — which we can see as she plays a harp in the middle of the woods and dances around majestic horses in her music video for “Celtic Creed.”

The new single invokes the human spirit and allows us to find love at our core.

“‘Celtic Creed’ is the first song I’ve released that has direct references to Irish/Celtic culture and folklore,” Iveen said. “I grew up listening to everything Celtic and Irish because of my dad, and have always thought it would be really beautiful to incorporate my heritage into my music. I’ve always wanted to create a fantasy world within my music that takes listeners somewhere else. We use music to escape, so why not escape to somewhere truly magical and ancient?”

Creating from her own heritage allows Iveen more vulnerability in her music, as she creates contemporary meaning from a powerful place of ancestral inspiration.

“For me, the meaning in this is that it’s OK to ask for help — especially when you’re feeling alone and overwhelmed,” she said. “Also, some enemies and fears aren’t as fierce as we make them out to be. In the song, my army didn’t have any weapons, because they put them down to dance. When it came time to battle, my army made a really loud war cry that ended up scaring the enemy away before swords ever met. This might be an unlikely scenario for actual warfare, but when it comes to facing my fears in life, this actually works every time. When I face fears with confidence and veracity, the power that fear has over me vanishes.”

When listening to “Celtic Creed,” one feels overwhelmed with a sense of joy and relief. The sound welcomes you to surrender to movement; to release fear and accept that all is working out in the best case scenario. No matter what you’re going through, you will come out on the other side. The rainbow doesn’t rise without the storm.

“Many of us are fighting battles daily. Some of these battles are really obvious to loved ones and friends. Some of these battles are invisible and we fight them alone,” Iveen noted. “Sometimes, there is an entire army coming towards us in the distance and fear often takes over.”

She continued, “In the chorus, the lyrics are ‘the sun it’ll rise in the morning, take my hand and hold it tight, akin we’ll make it through the night and the sun it’ll rise in the morning.’ The night is even darker when we try to walk alone, but together, we will make it till sunrise. Whenever I’ve tried to face my fears alone, it feels like I’ll never make it through the night, but when I allow someone to take my hand, guide me, and walk with me, the sun always rises in the morning.”

While it didn’t come together overnight, “Celtic Creed” came together more quickly than any of Iveen’s other projects. The song was written and produced within a few days, and mixed and mastered shortly after that. The video came together just as quickly; Iveen realized her vision by making her costume and finding a perfect horse to co-star. All told, the project was finished in less than a month.

“I’m realizing more and more that sometimes, when you just get something done and don’t over-perfect it, the results are even better — because the results are just raw creativity,” Iveen said. “I tend to take way too long on other projects, because I’m a severe perfectionist, and overthink and over-edit sometimes. This project was a really good lesson in that regard.”

Iveen’s music evokes fantasy worlds — stories that are filled with metaphors and double meanings, with messages that can be easily translated to real life.

“If there’s a message to take home (from “Celtic Creed”), I’d hope it would be that there are still beautiful things and beautiful stories and beautiful places in this chaotic world we live in. You can find these places and stories if you look for them, or you can make your own world with your own creations,” Iveen said. “One of my favorite things to hear from fans is when they say that my music has inspired them to start writing stories, paint, go hiking in nature, or pick up their favorite instrument again. To be able to inspire someone else is the greatest gift I could ever ask for. “

We can expect many more beautiful creations coming from Iveen. Another new song, “Wishing Well,” will be released in the next few months. She will also be selling some merch and start raising funds for her future projects, with the hope of creating an ancient fantasy world for her next music video featuring original, ambient fantasy harp music.

By the end of summer, we can expect a live show with orchestra, Celtic dancers, and world instrumentalists. Do you want to see Iveen play in your town? Let us know in the comments, and check out the “Celtic Creed” music video below!

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