UMC20: Back in Action! (June 8, 2020)

Now that we’re back in Nashville, it’s time to grace your feeds with another all-new edition of UMC20!

We gave you an extra week of the Best of May while we were out traveling the country. Now, it’s time to catch up on some of these gems that have yet to grace our official playlist. There are some high-energy anthems on here, as well as a solid helping of moody tunes that will help you feel all the feels.

We hope you’re ready to spend your week diving into these jams. Get to it!

Track listing
Echo Pilot – Long Time Coming
Sleep Nation – HEADLIGHTS
The Garden of Eden – Earthstone (Live)
Emily Curtis – Sandcastles
Charles Ellsworth – A White Cross on a Highway
Arts Fishing Club – With Us All
Bridget Rian – Funeral
Ethan Samuel Brown – Southern Ohio (Live)
Jen Starsinic – Cold
Catbells – Fade (Rainy Day Demo)
Von Boyage – Laissez Faire
C x A – On My Own
Sarah Faith – Rock Bottom
Maddy Hicks – Wake Up and Call the Uber
Katie King – Apollo
Talia Stewart – This Killing Floor
S-Wrap – Royalty
SaintAhmad – It’s Just Me
Down Boy – Under the Light
Iveen – Celtic Creed

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