NEW SHOW ALERT: Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn at The East Room Oct. 8

As long as Nashville keeps giving us incredible female pop artists to feature, Live from the 615 will happily oblige!

As we teased out on social media before the weekend, we have a stellar lineup on tap for Friday, October 8 at The East Room featuring the talents of Nashville-based pop artists Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn. Tickets are $10 at the door — customary for most of our East Room shows. Doors will open at 7 p.m., and the show will hit promptly at 8.

An avid student of astrology, Sarah Manzo is headed for stardom. This Taurus hails from New Jersey but possesses an authentic New York sound. She’s set on combining horns with synths and other pop production elements to create the perfect blend of R&B, jazz and pop. Manzo currently resides in Nashville and will soon release her debut EP. As an actress with a passion for the stage, film, and television, Manzo has a flair for the dramatic. She takes pride in being true to herself and defining her own standards of success. Manzo is fierce — she won’t take no for an answer. Above all, Manzo embraces her individuality and aims to encourage others to love themselves for who they truly are, too.

Born just outside of New York City, Dakota Ryley naturally picked up on the city’s R&B nuances, contributing to her unique style of pop. The warm tone and effortless runs that her voice naturally carries reflect that culture. Blunt honesty, spun through raw and real lyrics, defines her ever-growing repertoire. Dakota effortlessly blends contemporary pop sounds with old Motown musical motifs for easy listening. After a full year of five single releases, Dakota is set to drop her debut EP this fall. She started off the summer by releasing the project’s first single, titled “Good For You,” which landed her writeups in Rolling Stone India, Earmilk, Vents Magazine, and several other notable music outlets.

Indianapolis native Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chill wave, R&B, indie-pop vibe. She carries a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling, dealing out heartfelt grooves that reach out to your soul. 

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