LISTEN: Annalise Curtin Confronts Newfound Singlehood on ‘Falling’

Have you ever felt a fear of falling in love?

That’s what happens after you leave a long-term relationship, and enter the dating wilderness with a freshly broken heart and newfound sense of independence. Also, that’s what is reflected on “Falling,” the new single from Annalise Curtin.

“This song is about my journey of re-entering the world after being in a relationship for most of my adult life. This song is acknowledging the fear I have of falling in love again, and at the same time, knowing that it is inevitable,” Curtin explains. “The line, ‘I don’t want you if you can’t be mine’ speaks to my fear of falling for someone who will never fall for me. Basically, I’m terrified of love now. I feel this is a shared struggle among many old and young. However, heartbreak helps you know yourself on a deeper level.

Recording of this gentle, rainy day folk ballad started in January 2020 at TribeSound Records in West Chester, PA. Production was then put on hold throughout the pandemic, before resuming this summer under the care of producer Chris Cotter.

It’s complete, and it’s here for you. Stream “Falling” below!

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