LISTEN: Multi Ultra Strikes Again! “Uptight” Will Get You Feelin’ Loose

Multi Ultra is not wasting any time pumping out those bangers! Their new single, “Uptight“, hits hard and leaves us humming long after it’s over.

By now we’re picking up on a recurring theme: Happy, upbeat melodies that make you want to sing along, tap your feet, and move to the beat, paired with deep, melancholy, and dark lyrics that tell stories of pain and strife.

(Brownie points if you caught that 1997 reference.)

While the arrangement will boost your mood to the clouds, the lyrics of “Uptight” tell a story of overwhelm with a commiseratory message.

She said slow down, you’re going too fast

Maybe you should care more,

Maybe I should care a little less

I try so hard, and that’s the problem

Too many equations and I can’t solve them 

Take me back when life was easy 

Loosen my grip, I’m tired of steering

Uptight, Multi Ultra

“I was feeling pretty cranky one day. Could’ve been traffic or something,” said Multi Ultra guitarist and keyboardist Nolan Brown. “Started joking around with those choppy chord stabs to blow off some steam, but realized ‘aw, I could use this!’ Most of the lyrics came pretty quick, but not without help from my buddy Nicholas Amend solidifying some crucial hooks.”

If you haven’t caught Multi Ultra live yet, you’re gonna want to get right on that! These master musicians have undoubtedly logged their 10,000 hours, and their stage performance will convince you of that. Their scintillating energy and exuberant emotion announce loud and clear that the stage is where these men are truly alive.

Catch them around Nashville at The Sutler from 6:30-8 p.m. this Saturday, September 11, and at Diskin Cider on September 25 from 1-2 p.m.

Take a listen to “Uptight” and follow along with Multi Ultra at the links below.

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