PHOTOS: Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn at The East Room

Friday night was yet another opportunity for some of Music City’s most notable independent talents to take the stage at The East Room, courtesy of NashLive!

This time, it was an all-female lineup of Nashville-based pop artists who captured the crowd’s imagination.

This occasion featured jazz-influenced vocal powerhouse Sarah Manzo, the bold lyricism and soulful tones of New York native Dakota Ryley, and the vibrant electropop sensibilities of Julia Kahn. We — alongside dozens of indie music fans — enjoyed an evening hallmarked by mind-blowing musicianship and authentic storytelling. With that, each artist brought her own signature sound to the lineup, making for a diverse listening experience with wide-ranging appeal.

There’s plenty more where that came from, and you can learn about what’s coming up here. While you wait for the next gig, take a look at some moments from this one!

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