Songs You Should Hear: Arbo’s New Heartbreaker, J.Antonette Counts the ‘White Lines’ + More

Gerard here, back with another edition of Songs You Should Hear. And this time, I have company!

UMC Contributor and Fun -N- Games co-host Jenna Rose decided to join me this week, contributing a couple of selections to our new “staff picks” series. You’ll also notice that we’re releasing this edition on #NewMusicFriday. You can expect that to be the trend going forward.

Let’s do the thing and let you feast your ears on these…

Songs You Should Hear: Oct. 15, 2021

Artist: Arbo
Song: When You Left
Genre: Irish-Cajun Americana
Jenna says: This is the first single from Arbo, the newly-formed band of Louisiana-born career musicians and brothers, Johnny and Stevie Rees. Their musical style is unique, yet nostalgically familiar, and tends to hit on highly relatable, yet emotionally difficult topics. If the instrumentation and complexity of arrangement wasn’t enough, the lyrics to “When You Left” will break your heart and hook you. Brace yourself for your new favorite band.

Artist: J.Antonette
Song: White Lines
Genre: Country/Americana
Gerard says: Who says road trip season is over? The New York-born country songstress has hit us with another gut punch, as she takes to the highway in an attempt to make sense of heartache. If you’re known to go searching for answers along the scenic route, you’ll want to add “White Lines” to your adventure playlist.

Artist: The Mad Sugars
Song: Dizzy on the Floor
Genre: Alternative rock
Gerard says: “Dizzy on the Floor” — alongside the rest of The Mad Sugars’ just-released Reboot EP — features updated versions of songs from the band’s former life in New York City. Kicking off its Nashville era, the band freshened up this tale of nightlife misadventures with lively guitar work from axe man Spencer Woodley, richly-layered vocals, and a tight dance rock groove to hold it all together.

Artist: Sam Varga
Song: Fall Down
Genre: Emo
Jenna says: Sam Varga is, like, so Tik-Tok famous — and for good reason! “Fall Down” hits all the right chords in our little black emo hearts. With a chorus sung to the tune of Ring Around The Rosie in Sam’s signature 2000’s throwback style, you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along to this dark, real, all-out JAM.

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