Songs You Should Hear: Watch Out for the ‘Zombie’; Take a Trip West with Wild Heart Club + More

Happy HalloWeekend! We’re sure to be busy, seeing as we’re throwing — and then recovering from — our biggest show of the year tonight at Mercy Lounge. We have giveaways, inclusive vibes, and performances from GAYLE, Notelle, Talia Stewart, and Austin Blue on tap. Truthfully, all we need now is you, in your best costume. Get those tickets online or at the door!

While you get ready to join us tonight — because you’re going to join us, right? — you might as well join us in our now-weekly ritual, where we check in on Fridays to give you…

Songs You Should Hear: Oct. 29, 2021

Artist: Audrey Jane ft. Leo Rising
Song: Zombie
Genre: Pop
Why You Should Listen: First of all, what better weekend than this one, to bump a song named “Zombie” on repeat? Of course, it helps that this insanely-catchy pop banger has the dance hall vibes to keep you moving all weekend long. “Zombie” is also the closing track of Audrey Jane’s new Madhouse EP, and the only one to feature the marvelous voice of pop newcomer — and Audrey’s brother — Leo Rising.

You know what? In the spirit of Spooky Season, I’m making the editorial decision to include the whole EP below. Check it out while you’re here!

Artist: B Dayton
Song: Supposed to Be
Genre: Pop/Soul
Why You Should Listen: If you like absolutely devastating ballads about heartbreak, look no further. You can hear the anguish in B Dayton’s gorgeous tenor, as he struggles to process the end of a relationship that he thought was his “end game.” It’s an impressive showing for the Louisville, KY native, who plans to release his debut EP, NOSEBLEEDS, in Spring 2022.

Artist: Wild Heart Club
Song: Arcade Back in Manitou
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
Why You Should Listen: Because you can also watch! We’ve included the new video for “Arcade Back in Manitou” below, which was filmed on-site in Manitou Springs, Colorado in and around the arcade that gives this track its name. You’ll see plenty of breathtaking mountain landscapes, while you hear a warm, wistful tune that takes a lonesome trip back through once-happy memories.

If you dig this, Wild Heart Club’s new album — also titled Arcade Back in Manitou — will be available on November 12.

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