PHOTOS: Chloe Hogan, Alyssa Lazar, and Ali Henderson at The East Room

Thursday night was another one of those nights at The East Room.

It was one of those captivating affairs, featuring the talents of three of Nashville’s amazing, independent female artists. The vibe was right on a chilly, rainy fall night for Chloe Hogan, Alyssa Lazar, and Ali Henderson to come through and offer us something to remember.

That’s exactly what happened, beginning with a smooth and soulful R&B set from Hogan, whose mellow performance served as a warm welcome for those in attendance. Lazar took the stage next, dialing up the energy with a splash — OK, several splashes — of rock and roll flair. Then, it was all capped off by the electric presence of Henderson, whose fearless performance capped off a dynamic night in East Nashville.

You know we’ve got photos, just like you know that we have more shows from NashLive! on the horizon. Take a look!

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