PHOTOS: Quinn O’Donnell, Tess, and Spirits Republic at The Cobra Nashville

Last week was a two-show week for NashLive! at The Cobra Nashville — and it was time to bring some rock back to the stage.

First up was a Thursday night that featured pure musicianship at its independent best. It was brought to you Quinn O’Donnell, Tess, and Spirits Republic, who each added a unique flavor to the evening.

O’Donnell opened the night with her band, The Lonely Hearts, putting on an energetic live show while delivering honest stories about our relationships — with ourselves and others. Since joining us in March for our first-ever ticketed live stream, the band has gelled even further — and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen them have more fun than they did on an extended, high-powered version of O’Donnell’s signature song, “Miss Lonely Heart,” to close the set.

Tess hit the stage next, keeping with the theme of raw authenticity that was established earlier in the evening. Behind piano-driven soundscapes and impressive vocals, Tess delivered a powerful set that made the audience feel every emotion, from despair to hope.

Then, we closed the evening with Spirits Republic, whose superb musical fluidity captured our imaginations. The band’s rhythm section — featuring Ricky DeMeo on bass and Perry Dornbush on drums — was especially tight as it worked together to lay down dynamic grooves, giving guitarist/vocalist Russell Somer plenty of room to show off his shredding prowess.

Our gallery captures the true rock and roll grit of the evening. Come get some below!

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