Songs You Should Hear: Choose Self-Love, and Don’t ‘Feel Bad’ About It

The day after Thanksgiving is a waking food coma, ain’t it?

I know I feel that way right now. Fortunately, there’s always music to help us ease back into action, as we’ll be doing this weekend. Might as well get started by giving you some Songs You Should Hear!

Also, Jenna returns to our now-weekly tradition. In fact, we’ll start off with her latest pick below!

Songs You Should Hear: Nov. 26, 2021

Artist: Beyond Here
Song: Feel Bad
Genre: Rock
Jenna says: This banger does the opposite of making you “Feel Bad.” Get those feels all the way out with a few head bangs, and rock along to Beyond Here’s new, solid jam.

Artist: A2nelito
Genre: Filmhop
Gerard says: Hailing from New York, A2nelito is a pianist, composer, and producer who makes a mark without saying a word with his latest release. This cinematic, hip hop-inspired instrumental is a weighty tune that feels like the soundtrack to a pivotal point of an epic quest.

Artist: Julia Kahn
Song: Love Me Instead
Genre: Alt-pop/R&B
Gerard says: The latest single from Julia Kahn touches on an important, increasingly-prevalent topic: Self worth. Julia says: “This song is about self-love and resilience. It was written from the final decision I made to myself to walk away from things not good for me, and to finally choose to give love back to myself after a long journey of being hurt so many times. This song is like a walk back to me. And was that striking moment of clarity when you realize you deserve better and finally are able to choose better for yourself.”

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