UMC20: We Found Some Gems (Dec. 14ish, 2021)

Thanks again for your patience as we put this one together. There are a TON of fun projects coming through these days. Not to mention, we’re gearing up to make New Year’s Eve one to remember over at The East Room. The workload is real!

Nonetheless, it’s come time to deliver this week’s jams to you. Certainly, the artists featured on that show linked above are part of our plans this week. We also took some time to crawl through the submission forms and even our email inbox to find some multi-genre gold.

Share in our riches and check out this week’s UMC20 below!

Track listing
Arlo – In the Streets
Alyssa Lazar – The One He Told You Not to Worry About
Sage. – Let It Slide
Ali Henderson – Regret
Juliana Hale – DOLLHOUSE
FiFi Rong – Out of Clock
Katie Pederson – Guard Down
Eloi El ft. Lost Ways – On Fire
Tee Walls – Bipolar
Keith Mosley – Heavy is the Head
Talia Keys – Born in the Light
Krooked Tongue – Freaky Love
Zeek Mitchell – Dark Light
Carter Brady – Chasing Vampires
Brooklyn Forbes – Curiosity
High Tea – Invincible
Brandon Padier – Sweet By & By
Taylor Hughes – High on Something
Greg in Good Company – Better Days (Are in My Head)
Old Tom and the Lookouts – Alive

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