Get Your First Taste of The Z-Man Experience!

Zach Cleven is a Midwestern-born musician who has toured the country, playing notable venues across the nation including Rockwood Music Hall and the legendary Bluebird Cafe. In the process, he has shared his passion for music via lively stage shows and deft musicianship rolled into a style he calls “scat-acoustic-funk.”

Through it all, Zach has remained true to himself and his artistic vision, which he now presents to us through the lens of The Z-Man Experience.

The Z-Man’s first single is “Give It Away,” a raw and rollicking acoustic jam with lively vocals, intricate guitar work, and potent coffeehouse vibes. The single came together organically in the comfort of Zach’s own home; as he began strumming some chords, the chorus and lyrics fell seamlessly into place.

“My interpretation of the song is about finding yourself and being true to who you are in this world,” Zach said. “It’s important to find what your passionate about and to chase your dreams.”

For certain, Zach will keep chasing his dreams throughout 2022. The Z-Man indicates that he’ll be releasing a single every month throughout the year, which will give fans a reason to continue coming back for more.

In the meantime, he’s off to a good start. Get into “Give It Away” below!

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