Songs You Should Hear: Let’s Process Our Emotions Together

Y’all… this week’s Songs You Should Hear hit hard.

There’s hope. There’s despair. There’s inspiration, introspection, and escapism. Sometimes, they all hit simultaneously. Without a doubt, these songs will get you feeling something.

Artist: Close Kicks
Song: Coming Up
Genre: Alt-Folk
Why you should hear it: This anthemic piece of ambient alt-folk brilliance is a song of perseverance, and will have you believing that everything is going to be alright in the end. Close Kicks songsmith Darryl James notes:

“It’s a song about picking yourself up even when everything around you feels like it’s collapsing. It was written back in 2018, at a time in my life when I was feeling like I was being dragged down. I had flown to Los Angeles to do some writing and this was one of my first sessions. Cary Brothers, Cazz Brindis, and I met at a beautiful home studio in Laurel Canyon and the three of us hit it off right away. As we got to know each other, it became clear that we were all having some difficult situations to overcome either personally or professionally. With that sort of connection, the ideas started flowing quickly, and we put the finishing touches on the song in just a couple hours.

Artist: NIICE
Genre: Hip Hop
Why you should hear it: First of all, this track is a vibe! Cool, neon-glowing synths underscore tight flows and a gorgeous melodic refrain. Beyond that, “SHADE” has an important message for any creative who feels like they lack a support system.

The group tells us: “Keep focusing own your dream. Even if your significant other can’t realize it at first, in time they will!”

Artist: Raimie
Song: Insecure
Genre: Hip Hop
Why you should hear it: The progressive instrumental track underneath Raimie’s unabashedly honest verses serve to highlight the ways how swiftly our moods can change on a daily basis, as we navigate the human experience and the ways we cope. The New Jersey native tells us:

“The storyline of the song moves from introspective to depressive, and ultimately to both inspired and hopeful, as is often the case when dealing with my own challenges, both personal and professional. Ultimately, through the trials and tribulations, my passion and love for both music and self-betterment propel me to continue striving to reach and accomplish my goals. More than anything, I wrote this song in hopes that others who go through similar issues feel less alone, like somebody truly understands them.”

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