Songs You Should Hear: For Ukraine

This week’s Songs You Should Hear, simply put, is for Ukraine.

Jenna Rose took this one, compiling selections from Ukranian (and Ukranian-inspired) artists that speak to the culture for the nation. Also, we’ve included additional resources below the jump, so you can help the Ukranian people at this time of need. In fact, if you’re looking for ways to help, here is an open-source spreadsheet of Ukrainian artists and labels you can support:

Artist: Biletska
Genre: Electro
Why You Should Listen: Nashville-based Ukrainian artist, Maryna Biletska, is a member of our local community here at UMC. Her latest music video, “Changes,” was released Feb. 22, and is hauntingly themed around changes that are up to us to implement. Her soothing, ethereal voice is a welcome relief from the rippling heartache so many of us are feeling. Please sign this petition to allow Ukrainian refugees into the U.S.:

Artist: Scythian
Playlist: Ukrainian Inspired Songs
Genre: Irish Rock/Folk
Why You Should Listen: Founding members Alex & Danylo Fedoryka are first-generation sons of Ukrainian immigrants, bringing their cultural influence to create a unique blend of modern and traditional, upbeat Irish-Ukrainian folk music that celebrates heritage, joy, dance, family, lore, and triumph. This playlist is their compilation of songs to honor their “Motherland” — which also happens to be the title of their new album, available now on all streaming platforms. Click here to support their chosen charity, Knights of Columbus (matching dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000, with 100% going directly to affected Ukrainian people.)

Artist: Various Ukrainian & International Artists
Album: РАЗОМ ЗА УКРАЇНУ / Together For Ukraine
Labels: Standard Deviation and Mystictrax
Why You Should Listen: A brilliant compilation of mixed genres, moods, and tempos, this collection of 65 different artists is a humbling example of the incredible arts and music that thrive in Ukraine — and the people behind it all who are in desperate need of aid. This album was curated, mastered, and rolled out in the midst of war by artists and industry professionals who believe in the power and importance of music, and want to provide critical funding to Ukrainian people. Profits from the album will be split between the following charities: 

  • The ‘Return Alive’ Fund, helping at the Ukrainian front.
  • National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance.
  • ‘Ukraine Pride’ Fund for LGBTQIA+ soldiers and LGBTQIA+ people affected by the war.
  • ‘Голос Дітей’ Fund, helping children affected by the war.

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