Crafting a Musician’s EPK: What Are The Components?

Let’s say this loud, and say it proud.

Every musician in search of new opportunities needs to have a well-crafted EPK.

What is an EPK? It’s shorthand for Electronic Press Kit. It’s a single document or webpage dedicated to hosting a complete, multifaceted promotional snapshot of your music and all that it represents.

Of course, your audio – that is, the music itself – will have a home on your EPK. However, that is only the beginning; your EPK exists to be a world of multimedia for music industry tastemakers – including members of the media, promoters, and even managers and publicists – to explore, as they consider you for opportunities to further your career.

In this article, we will cover the components that go into a comprehensive EPK, including:

  • Developing a strong artist bio.
  • Getting your music ready for consumption.
  • Including high-quality visuals that are on-brand to you.
  • Providing press clippings (reviews, features, interviews, etc.) from digital media outlets.
  • Where to host your EPK.
  • Sample artist EPKs currently online.

Let’s dig into the specifics, shall we?

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