UMC20: Catching Up! (Mar. 22, 2022)

Things got a little busy around these parts last week, which is why we weren’t quite able to get you a fresh, hot batch of fire back on the 15th.

With that said, we think what we have for you on this week’s all-new UMC20 is worth the wait! We start off by rocking your world, before things get a bit more tender in the middle. Then, we have some pop anthems on tap before things get suuuuper experimental toward the end.

Ready to dive in? Same here. Let’s go!

Track listing
Lane Dudley – Grind
Paid Vacation – Permanent Valentine
Quickdraw Kid – Put You in Your Place
The Cancellations – Schizophrenic Blues
the Rhythm Bullies – Smoke Rings
Whalien – Tastin’
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Existential Blues
Nowhere North – Hurt
Isabel Bailey Band – Always (I’ll Be Waiting for You)
J.Antonette – Back Pocket
Jerry Weston Mize – Jerry the Onion
Jaron Micah – Rainy Day
Kayce Laine – Memory
The Break Plans – Fashionably Late
Stacey Kelleher – Heart Was Broken
Ria Barkr – work for it
Nova Charm – Bozo
Bad Milk Dirty Peaches – Keesho Bird & The Great Wind Spirit
Doc. Henry – movement ii

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