LISTEN: Andrew LaVogue Returns with ‘Sweet and Simple’

We begin your week here at Underground Music Collective with something “Sweet and Simple.”

Who else to deliver such a tune to us than Andrew LaVogue? The Portland, Maine-based guitarist released his latest this past Friday, achieving a vision which “combine(s) ambient post rock sounds with a traditional fingerstyle arrangement” — with his native land of Ohio in mind.

“This song really is just representative of growing up in rural Ohio,” LaVogue said. “It’s supposed to be as honest as the title suggests.”

“Sweet and Simple” had its origins as a pop/rock song when LaVogue was 20. After several years on the shelf, it came back to the guitarist’s memory — and became transformed into its current version — after a 2021 visit to Ohio.

Now, it’s here for you. Enjoy “Sweet and Simple” below!

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