WATCH: J.Antonette Knows You Don’t ‘Mean Well’

In our relationships, we sometimes find that we can’t fix what our partners are unwilling to fix within themselves.

That’s the subject of “Mean Well,” a pop-country single from J.Antonette that is equal parts angsty and cathartic. J. sings of walking away from a partner who, through his repeated actions, shows that he is not willing to own his part of the relationship.

The visuals — which the New York native directed, co-produced, and edited alongside producer Matthew Andrews — were shot at Nashville’s scenic J. Percy Priest Lake, and symbolize the emotional release that comes with letting go of the relationships that no longer serve us.

“I love being hands-on in the creative process. Matt and I wanted to show the vulnerability that comes along with the realization that the people we thought we knew don’t always have good intentions,” she said. “The aftermath of coming to terms with this reality is sometimes a shocking place to find yourself. After you remove the rose-colored glasses from a situation and take some time away, that’s when healing, forgiveness, and growth begin. There’s a beauty in the lesson. There is sunshine after the rain, and that is what this video is supposed to make you feel.”

It’s time to let go. “Mean Well” will help you with that. Watch it below!

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