LISTEN: Trying to Conquer the World in a Day? Ryan Thomas Smelle Says It’s ‘Easier Said Than Done’

How can we possibly squeeze all of our ambitions into a 24-hour window?

With his latest single, Ryan Thomas Smelle accepts that it’s “Easier Said Than Done.”

The mellow indie folk single — included on Smelle’s new album, In The Homestretch — was brought to new life after originally being penned more than 20 years ago. Over a mid-tempo bass groove, the Niagara, Ontario native assures us that it’s OK if we don’t conquer the world in just one day.

“Every day, we plan to get things done, and there is always a list of things we put off till tomorrow,” Smelle said. “There is a definite laid-back vibe to this one and it seems to be the track that resonates with a lot of my listeners.”

Check it out! Let “Easier Said Than Done” be your gateway to In The Homestretch below.

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