No BS Here: The Sheepdogs Release ‘Scarborough Street Fight’

You know what you could use? A dose of some “no-bullshit” rock and roll!

It comes to us once again from North of the Border! Canadian rockers The Sheepdogs just released “Scarborough Street Fight,” the latest single from their forthcoming album, Outta Sight. Fans can expect a glorious vintage rock and roll effort here, complete with beautifully rounded guitar tones, a shout chorus, and a tasteful touch of gritty distortion for just a little bit of edge.

If this is your introduction to The Sheepdogs, you may be intrigued to learn that they were the first unsigned band to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. They’re also two-time performers on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — and with tunes like this one, it’s easy to understand why!

Check out “Scarborough Street Fight” below!

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