UMC20: Packed with International Flavors and More (May 17, 2022)

We’ve got a lot of rock tunes from across the pond in the UK. In fact, this week’s UMC20 is frontloaded with ’em!

There’s more to the story, though — there are plenty of jams from right here at home, whether that means Nashville or somewhere else in the mainland U.S. We move beyond rock, as well, to give you some Americana, soul, pop, hip hop, and even some electronica!

Track listing
BERRIES – We Are Machines
Mexican Dogs – When It’s Gone
Ewan MacFarlane – All Those Years
Lucigenic – Joy
Safari Room – Small Victories
Wesley David – Easy for You
Beth // James – Shake It Out
Beau Burnette – Lean In
Keegan Powell – In Kincardine
Catfish Seminar – The Fort
The Local Honeys – Dead Horses
Ali Angel – Loving You Lately
Rose Starring – No More Skies Are Grey
Marc Ambrosia – When I’m Craving Love
Sea Glass – Elevator Chat
Jaxon – Ba da Bum
Brianna Musco – Not Done Hating You
sweeep, Sace, & Silent Boy – burn down my mind
Temple Invisible – Stardust

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