Songs You Should Hear: ‘Shine’ Your Light; Regret and Confusion Abound

You’ve made it to the end of another week! Your reward? A fresh batch of Songs You Should Hear!

This week’s edition does a good job of covering a lot of ground in just three songs, bringing us from a cross-section of nostalgia from the 1970s and 80s, to slick and modern R&B production.

Step on in and try something new!

Artist: Henry McIntyre
Song: Frank
Genre: Folk Rock
Why You Should Hear It: The warm, mid-tempo new single from the “long lost emo Beatle” features a strong, vintage rock and roll sensibility in its sound. Thematically, “Frank” is a coming-of-age tale of the confusion of early adulthood.

“There is the nostalgia for childhood, the last breath of adolescent angst and, most prominently, the conflicting fog of the path forward,” McIntyre said.

Artist: Lawrence D.
Song: Wanna Be
Genre: Pop/R&B
Why You Should Hear It: If you like cool, vibey modern R&B, “Wanna Be” is for you. The new single — produced by Def Stars and written by George Hardimon, Bella Nop, Corey T., Walter Wallace and Ian Osborne — features cool synths and rich vocals that illustrate the anguish of wanting to be there for your lover… and falling short.

Artist: Stone Senate
Song: Shine
Genre: Rock
Why You Should Hear It: “Shine” is a bright, anthemic new tune from the Nashville-based quintet, who combine the fist-pumping arena rock sensibility of 80s rock and roll with nods to 70s Southern rock legends like The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The single is the latest from the band’s forthcoming record, Dawn, which will combine with their previous EP, Dusk, to create a full listening experience titled Between the Dark and the Light.

“‘Shine”‘ is reminiscent of being back home and having the thought of knowing where you’re supposed to be,” said guitarist James Edwards.

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