UMC20: Packed with Girl Power (June 7, 2022)

In honor of tonight’s very special, very important Safe Haven Family Shelter benefit at LTH Coffee & Social (7113 Charlotte Ave., 6-9 p.m.), we’ve loaded this week’s UMC20 with female-fronted acts!

Not only have we included all eight of tonight’s performers but, of the 20 tracks on this week’s compilation,15 were released by women. That’s a whopping 75 percent of this week’s playlist! Girl power, indeed.

What more do we need to say? Let’s get into it!

Track listing
Chloe Duvall – Ego
Kfhox – Rider
Brianna Musco – My Only Pretty Thing
Brianna Bollinger – what did you expect
Candace in Wonderland – K.I.S.S.
Taylor Bickett – Green
Sam Ferrara ft. Amanda McCarthy – Get Out of My Town
Emily Noel – Hometown Hero
Erin McLendon – Millie
Jenny Teator – Ooh Na Na
The Lucky Penny Sisters – Midnight Man
Daniel Champagne – Highway #1
Ken Newman – What Am I Afraid Of?
Good News for Modern Man – Everything is Fine
Aleutians – Jessica
Marina Laurendi – Gramercy
Tomorro Tomorro ft. Daisha McBride – Lockdown Love
Dorzell – Alternative
LLORE – You Know
Polartropica – TERMINATOR

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