Songs You Should Hear: Watch the ‘Sunset,’ Find ‘Peace,’ and Don’t ‘Question It’

We’re just going to keep bringing you the summertime heat.

There’s plenty of fresh pop sensibility to go around on this week’s Songs You Should Hear. We hear about many contrasting shades of love — including what happens when we choose to love ourselves. Feel all the love by digging in below!

Artist: Amanda McCarthy
Song: Sunset
Genre: Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Inspired by a sunset over Los Angeles, this new single has touches of 80s and modern country influence embedded within the track. It’s about an ex-lover who, according to McCarthy, texted her moments after she started brainstorming lyrics.

“That was my sign that I was on to something,” McCarthy said.

Artist: PJ Morton ft. JoJo & Mr. Talkbox
Song: My Peace
Genre: R&B
Why You Should Hear It: This one wasn’t submitted; it was a personal selection. Not only is the track absolute HEAT, but let’s be real: we all need to make sure that we’re protecting our peace from energies that don’t help us grow. Put it all together, and we might have the anthem of the summer on our hands.

Artist: Stacey Kelleher
Song: Question It
Genre: Pop
Why You Should Hear It: Because you want to believe that true love exists! The Nashville-based pop artist uses a vivid, multilayered soundscape to help paint a picture of steady, secure love — even when the world is falling apart.

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