Songs You Should Hear: Diverse International Flavors

One of the many wonderful things of residing at the literal center of the music industry — Nashville, TN — is that it provides us with the opportunity to be discovered by artists in all corners of the globe.

Today’s Songs You Should Hear puts that theory to work. We have artists from Sweden, Canada, and our home base of the U.S. The sounds all vary greatly, as well, showcasing the diverse musical palette of this planet we all call home.

Come with us on a globe-spanning journey below!

Artist: Cami
Song: Over There
Genre: Synth/dance pop
Why You Should Hear It: From all the way in Sweden, the French-born multi-disciplinary artist hits us with a frantic synth pop anthem about a love lost.

“The song is a goodbye, a farewell. Writing this song has been a way to express loss when my feelings were at their peak, being blinded by a love that can no longer be expressed,” Cami said. “The complexity of hoping to get back to something that is not good anymore, only because it defined most aspects of life and the future.”

Artist: The Jared Stout Band
Song: One Shot
Genre: Alt-country
Why You Should Hear It: Released back in April, this storytelling gem follows the journey of a couple who falls wildly in love at a bar, and then proceeds to live an outlaw life together, on the run. The man in the equation is the more experienced outlaw of the two; yet, he finds himself in dire straits, with only his partner in crime left to save him.

Also, get a load of that blistering harmonica solo!

Artist: Matthew Ryan Jacobs
Song: Sun Goes Down
Genre: Folk/Rock/Blues
Why You Should Hear It: This soulful waltz — complete with emotive guitar parts and rich keyboard tones –finds the Kitchener, Ontario native searching for a way to break through the same old patterns and habits, as he moves toward a more fulfilling life. Jacobs says, “It’s a little bit about addiction, and not wanting to let go of your youth; when drinking and partying just slowly turns into your life; and people and things start passing you by. You feel like you’re “living,” but you’re stuck in one place.”

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