UMC20: Upcoming Shows, Interview Guests, and More (Aug. 2, 2022)

We have so much to get to with this week’s edition of UMC20, and that includes providing clues about what’s coming down the pike in the near future.

We have upcoming (and previous) Quinn Spinn guests featured here, as well as artists set for forthcoming NashLive! shows this fall. We have submissions from multiple different continents and, of course, we touch as many genres as possible across these 20 tracks.

Sound exciting to you? Good, because it does to us. Let’s go!

Track listing
Madame Daley – Annie, Sing Your Heart Out Anyway
Ender Bowen – The Art of Tactful Procrastination
CH3LS – Break These Blues
Wesley David – I’ll Be Damned
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Unusual Suspects
Paul Nestler – I Don’t Go Home Much Anymore
J.Antonette – Mean Well (Acoustic)
Billy Bauer Band – Worms (Live)
Tommy Newport – Tongue & Cheek
Allan Fine – Maybe Next Time
Kayce Laine – Trance
Jasce – Remedy
Adam Wilson – Metamorphosis
Becca Tremmel – Relapse
Louis Coupe – Hannah’s Got a Way
Kyshona ft. Shannon Labrie – Do What Feeds Your Soul
Cecilia Glenn – It’s Not Raining Out
Tito Monako – Duda
BEZ – Fallen Soldiers

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