UMC20: The Best of August 2022

We’ve had a multitude of adventures this month on the way to landing on the UMC20 Best of August. We even had a guest curator step in one week (thanks, Jenna!).

The end result? 20 different perspectives, informed by genre, life experience, and the tastes of multiple curators, mixed up into a musical gumbo pot and best served hot.

Track listing
Madame Daley – Annie, Sing Your Heart Out Anyway
Wesley David – Seesaw (Lose Your Own Duel)
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – Unusual Suspects
Smart Objects – Something Happened
The Ghost Tour – Why the **** Can’t I let You Go
Arts Fishing Club – Space Cow
Arbo – Whiskey River Road
Manny Blu – Put Your Whiskey Where Your Mouth Is
Kyshona ft. Shannon Labrie – Do What Feeds Your Soul
Jasce – Remedy
Adam Wilson – Metamorphosis
Abigail Osborn – Gonna Get Over You
Becca Tremmel – Relapse
BEZ – Fallen Soldiers
Light League ft. Foundation Mecca – Codes
Anastasia Elliot – Masquerade
Nyla XO – Done Being Sad
Gianna Alessi – Lover for the Week
Marc Ambrosia – What If I’m Right?

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