LISTEN: Andrew LaVogue’s ‘Cherry Valley Waltz’ Feels Like Home

Without saying a word, Andrew LaVogue is always ready and able to capture our imaginations through song. The Ohio native — who now resides in Portland, ME — is a master at creating a variety of moods though his American primitive guitar stylings.

LaVogue’s latest offering is the full-length album, Cherry Valley Waltz. Crafted over a two-year period, the eight-track offering — preceded by singles “Remember When” and “Sweet and Simple” — paints vivid golden-hour portraits of life growing up in the rural reaches of northeast Ohio.

“This album is one I’ve wanted to make for a while,” LaVogue said. “To me, it feels like a late midwestern summer day.”

LaVogue’s technical precision shines throughout the album, which showcases LaVogue’s ability to get the most out of his instrument. The opening (and title) track feels like an awakening on a picturesque summer morning — complete with the ambiance of singing birds — as it greets us with warm tones that are rich with possibility. The gently-rollicking “Around the Bends” features an intricate melody played in tandem with a slow-burning groove on the low-end, while the sublime “A Summer Night” whisks us away to a dreamland immersed in the splendors of nature.

We’ve scratched the surface for you. Now, dig deep and lose yourself in Cherry Valley Waltz!

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