UMC20: The Best of October 2022

We love it when you make it tough on us. That means it’s been a good month.

Independent musicians of the world brought the heat all month long, and you should all be proud of yourselves for doing such high-quality work. Our UMC20 Best of October compilation is but a sample of the many sonic landscapes we admired this month. We invite you to take them in alongside us!

Track listing
S-Wrap, Rashad thaPoet, and The Varsity – New Day
Ah-Deli ft. TIPTOP and Just Vibez – Live My Life
Foundation Mecca ft. Bleaux – Powerball
Gr3ys0n – Rounds
Emory Jaymz – Smokin’ Gas
Zoie X – HATE ME 2
Haley Ganis – Now & Then
DaChri – Something to Somebody
Snailmate – Trash, Baby
Viper Club – Come Thru
Richard String – CASH FLOW_ROUGH.2
Jarrod Dickenson – Long Hard Look
The A.M.s – Smoke
Samuel Herb – This Dress Has Pockets
Amanda Stewart – Saved
Aliza Hava – Emotion Tide
Adam Paddock and Katie Lynne Sharbaugh – Stay Close to Me
Waiting for Smith – Skylight Dawn
Natasha Blaine – Vegas
Jed Harrelson – Deena

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