UMC20: Starting November Strong (Nov. 1, 2022)

They say that the end of the year is when things are supposed to “slow down.” If the submissions we’ve received over the past couple weeks are any indication, that assumption would seem to be false.

There’s so much auditory enjoyment coming our way on a daily basis, and it always makes for an exciting and dynamic weekly compilation. It’s also amazing to see how music connects us from our different corners of the world — from LA to New York, from Nashville to Cheyenne, these tunes aren’t all tied to one locale.

Track listing
Multi Ultra – Yes or No
ARREIS – Straight to Hell
Smart Objects – Lighten Up
Arts Fishing Club – bad = woman = bad
Tophouse – The Mountain Song
Free Zuma – Dye My Hair
Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts – Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead
Pierce Alexander – This Far
Jake Swamp and the Pine – Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes
Abbie Callahan – Where I’ve Been
Gracie Moses – Night Terrors
f1oater. – CARDBOARD
The Frst – Trust Fall
OnenO ft. Anastasia Elliot – The Shattering
Morgan Bosman & Lawrence D – Let’s Ride
JusLegacy ft. Maleah DAWN – GLITTER & GOLD
JusDaze – PositivelyDGAF
DaChri – Trouble
Magna Zero – Endure
Ty Warner – Blink of an Eye

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