Songs You Should Hear: It’s a Pop Explosion!

We’ve got the bops you need to head into the weekend!

From high-octane anthems, to those more pensive and ethereal, we’re inviting you to hear what’s happening within the pop genre – across the country, and even across the Atlantic! Get to it!

Artist: Khi Lo
Song: Winona
Genre: Alt-pop
Why You Should Hear It: Because you’re all about the pop punk revival that’s taking place in front of our eyes. That’s just part of the story with “Winona”; hyper-pop elements add an extra jolt of DDR-style energy, which counteracts the tragic nature of fleeting romance consistently experienced by the Fairfax, VA local.

“I’m on a beautiful journey where having a partner can only slow me down,” Khi Lo said. “Eventually, when I least expect it, I’ll meet a girl who I’ll want to slow down for. Until then, I can hold onto dreams of Winona.’”

Artist: Kylie Spence
Song: Gazelle
Genre: Alt-pop
Why You Should Hear It: The haunting, reverb-heavy vocals on the Bozeman, MT native’s return single speak to the echo of intrusive thoughts that take place in the mind of someone struggling with PTSD and anxiety. Those thoughts become louder over time, and are illustrated by an aggressive low end beat when the chorus kicks in.

“I was in therapy for a trauma, and re-living all of that was by far the hardest time in my life,” Spence said. “It found myself feeling frozen a lot, like a gazelle does when they’re being hunted, and turned my feelings into a song. I want to send a message to people of ‘you’re not alone,’ even when it may feel like it.”

Artist: t.RUTH
Song: I Don’t Need to Be Saved
Genre: Pop
Why You Should Hear It: This is a soaring stadium pop anthem layered with a healthy dose of 80s new wave-inspired synths. The Cork, Ireland native — who has made it her mission to spread mental health awareness — released the song as a commentary about the modern pressures of social media.

“‘I Don’t Need To Be Saved’ is about standing up to the pressures of social media and ‘it’s perfect lies,'” she said. “It’s about controlling the ‘monkey mind,’ being unapologetic, brave, bold, and confident in yourself.”

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