UMC20: The Best of January 2023

Last day of the month! Last Tuesday of the month!

Last chance to hit you with the Best of January!

We have a growing multitude of reasons to be excited about 2023 here at UMC. Certainly, the strong musical opening statement provided by you, the independent artists of planet Earth, is among them.

Let’s keep up the good work, y’all! In the meantime, dive into some memorable tracks from throughout the month.

Track listing
Keith Evan Gay – Only One Dawg in this Fight
Mikki Zip – Holding Hands
Matt Steinfeld – Your Time
Jill Barber – Homemaker
Travis Feutz – Cowboy Songs
Rome & Duddy – Coast of Mexico
The Runaway Grooms – Heartwork
Jeremy Facknitz – As of This Morning
Samuel Herb – Paper Thin Walls
Pepperwood – Cup of Tea
The Frst ft. Ryan Prewett – Scary Movie
KJ Wild – self sabotage
The Veils – Time
Fyre Byrd – Godless
SeddyMac ft. Brian Sour – L.O.S.T. Light
August Gonzalez – TRIPPIN
Donny Apollo – Glory
Unicorn Nipple! ft. Lord Goldie – Osmosis Jane
Chris Walton – Halfway Lover
Kara Frazier – I Love You

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