UMC20: The Best of February 2023

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto the UMC20 Best of February

Track listing
2Four – Freak This
Lawrence D. – Rendezvous
Emory Jaymz – Money Can’t Buy You Love
Seddymac ft. AJ & Malik Jvon – Ropes
Heru Heru – Stop Playing With Us
Donny Apollo – Hometown Hero
Ria Barkr – Morning Would
Mike Rogers – Get High
The Hollow Party – Against the Clock
The Mad Sugars – We Want the Night
Jake Simmons – Killing Me Slowly
ARREIS – Vertigo
Nora Tirrell – Parts of You
Jarrod Dickenson – With Any Luck
Tamara Stewart – Mean Girl
Dave Robertson & The Kiss List – Often Enough
Emily Kidd – Cry Wolf
Em Downs – Ohio
Travis Feutz – George Jones
Ty Warner ft. Olivia Frances – You’re My Tomorrow

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