LISTEN: Greg in Good Company Makes Us Feel at ‘HOME’

Artwork: Lee Schneiderman

For years, we’ve had the opportunity to appreciate the work of Greg in Good Company, fronted by Los Angeles-based troubadour Greg Gilman.

They’re back for 2023 with “HOME,” a rollicking new single that explores mental illness from varying perspectives.

“The song explores two sides of mental illness, with each verse split between the perspective¬†of a young homeless drifter on the run from his own demons, and his mother, back at his childhood home, wondering¬†if her boy is even still alive,” Gilman said.

Listeners can expect a spirited folk-rock anthem; one which begins with Gilman’s signature baritone telling the story of our vagabond protagonist. A beautifully layered soundscape ensues, with a steady-marching rhythm section that emulates a lost soul’s ongoing quest for truth. Bright trumpet and guitar accents are peppered throughout, with each emotive tone acting as a signal flare toward a higher power, sent by a mother searching for answers.

“HOME” was produced by Mitchell Haeuszer at HAUS Music in Los Angeles, CA, with David Duarte mixing and mastering. Performing on the track are Gilman (lead vocals, guitar), Marty Vites (lead guitar), Alex U’Ren (bass), Lee (vocals, piano), Alexa Brinkschulte (drums) and Printz Board (trumpet).

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