UMC20: It’s a Wild One! (May 9, 2023)

This week’s UMC20 playlist will take you through some unexpected turns!

The genres are plentiful. You want hip hop and R&B? There’s a big block of it, right at the beginning. Want experimental electronica? We got you, fam. Want hard rock and metalcore? You’ll find it within these 20 tracks!

Oh, and because we missed last week — sorry, we were busy launching an agency — we included not one, but two episodes of The Quinn Spinn as bonus tracks at the end!

Track listing
August Rayne – He Gon Learn (Leave Me Be)
Helen – mediocre hoe
Emory Jaymz ft. J Reggaerica – Ride
Foundation Mecca – HENNY
Lord Goldie ft. Muja – Like I’m Broke (Live)
Bren – Happy Birthday
Rose Starring – Too Smart
Fiona Maura – Lavender
Pierce Alexander ft. Coco Camp – Stain
Jack Vinoy – Diamond Beach
Jasce – Inside
Heather Mall – A Moment of Beauty
Kukaro – Dalmatia
Hollow Crown – Disconnect
Bridges Ablaze – Never Too Late
Spirits Republic – Brain Poke
Nelson Sobral – Twice the Price
Samuel Herb – To the Trees
Adam Monaco – Nevermind

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