LISTEN: A Song About Reaching Past Perceived Limitations

Taking risks allows us to live fully. It enables us to experience love and gratitude, and to turn our dreams into reality.

Fort Collins, CO-based troubadour Carlos Barata captures the sweet moments of payoff that come from the risks we take with his new single, “As Far As The Eye/I Can See.” The first single from his forthcoming EP, When I See It, the new single is a sweet, rootsy reminder of the good that comes our way when we decide to leave our comfort zones.

“The song represents an honest expression of vulnerability and surprise, (and) those things we can experience when we take risks beyond our perceived limitations,” Barata said. “It’s also my expression of love and gratitude toward some of the people and things that have made much of my own risk-taking worthwhile.”

“As Far As The Eye/I Can See” is available now wherever you stream music. The vocals and instrumentation were performed by Barata, with a rhythmic foundation courtesy of Fort Collins-based percussionist, Brett Ross. Much of the tracking was done independently with support from the spaces and tech specialists at The Music District in Fort Collins, Colorado, and production was completed by Brooklyn-based engineers, Kory Burrell and Jesse Morvan.

Check it out below alongside the rest of Barata’s music. And, as a bonus, check out his previous band The Hook, with whom we had many wonderful encounters when we were all based in Pennsylvania!

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