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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen (Zach Russack Duo Takeover): Day #4 – OOOoooOoooOOooOOOoOoh


Alex here, coming to you from Durham, North Carolina! As you can see, we have no idea what we’re doing taking over this blog, except when we’re searching for buffalo. We found one, conveniently right outside Caffe Driade, which happens to be our cozy little venue in Chapel Hill. Did Kara mention how hot it was down south in the last blog entry? Because… it was really hot. 95 degrees hot. And humid. Toooouurrrrrr.

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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #1 – NYC


We just finished our first gig of tour at Silvana in NYC and it was a fun experience.  After a trailer fiasco, switching vehicles, and packing/unpacking everything repeatedly, we have officially begun our tour! Today, we took a journey to NYC for a little adventure in parking, but once we finally found an ideal spot, and then moved again… we were good to go.

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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen – The Night Before

It’s hard to believe that after six long months of planning and preparation, we have finally made it to the final countdown!  As I am in my basement repainting the merch display, I pray that I remembered to pack everything.  Our new shirts (printed at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations) are ready to go, our Folklore EP (Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Soffera of Hybrid Studios) and stickers just arrived, our host gifts provided by Tolino Vineyards are boxed up, and I hope I have enough clothes to last me the next two weeks.

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