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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, August 14

The title track of Laura Mustard‘s forthcoming Treehouse EP is a fun, escapist Americana tune for lovers of all ages!

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PREMIERE: Andrew C. Marshall’s ‘Cool Cat’ Weighs Perception Against Reality

Back in March, right after the world had locked down and we started putting on virtual live performances, we were joined by the charismatic and engaging Andrew C. Marshall for our March Underground Writers Round, presented in conjunction with AGD Entertainment.

We’re excited that Andrew has re-emerged to bring us “Cool Cat,” the first single from his debut album, Terrestrial Radio.

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PREMIERE: Meet Ali Aslam with ‘Wise Man and The Fool’

This fall, New York-based troubadour Ali Aslam will release his debut “supersonic folk” album, The Last American. Aslam’s sound — a unique combination of familiar folk, rock, and pop elements — serves as a backdrop for exploration of “questions of identity, belonging, and perspective — not just as independent concepts, but as interrelated factors that inform our relationships to culture, each other, and ourselves.”

“Anyone with a background as hyphenated as mine — Muslim-American, Pakistani-American — will try and take ownership of that mythology, but also be fundamentally aware that our relationship to those things is qualified, somehow ‘other.’ It applies to my relationship with myself, as well,” said Aslam. “I can love all of these things about myself, and still feel, or be made to feel, like I don’t have a right to. I think, with this record, I’m asking if everybody feels this way.”

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What Society Won’t Tell You About Failure (UMC Real Talk)

From an early age, society teaches us to find fear and shame in failure. Here’s why society has it all wrong.

And, to show that we walk the walk, a fun fact: we tried recording this on the rooftop of Center 615, but our camera mic shorted out. Thus, a failed first attempt led to an up-close-and-personal #UMCRealTalk experience!

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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, August 12

Rofo Audio has been churning out top-notch rock and roll for about as long as we’ve had a publication with “Underground” in the name. It feels like just yesterday that I interviewed frontman Raymond Short on an earlier iteration of The Quinn Spinn about their debut record, Now Broadcasting — but that was about four and a half years ago!

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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, August 10

“I’ve got to find my way to my new normal.”

A product of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, “New Normal” — the new single from St. Petersburg, Russia native Max Viner — frames the isolation we’ve all experienced to a degree in a new, hopeful light.

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QuaranTimes: The Debut of Z-Bro!

In case you haven’t heard, we’re filling the weeks without an episode of our official podcast, The Quinn Spinn, with QuaranTimes, a live stream broadcast featuring our OG Quinn Spinn family. Certainly, it’s a different side of the show, meant to keep things fun and light in these strange times of the ‘rona.

On this edition of QuaranTimes, Scotty Rock introduced us to his friend, Z-Bro, who brought plenty of fresh ideas to what wound up being an unpredictable episode. We get to know the new member of the family, continue the previous episode’s raging Kool-Aid Man debate, and even had time to get a little thoughtful and serious about relationships and self-assessment.

Did we mention that there’s also Stupid News, Something For Your Ears, Feelin’ Good with JD, and the return of L’s Inappropriate Word? Yup — it’s all here!

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