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The Tuk Ten: Day 5 — Johnny Cash, At Folsom Prison (Live)(1968)

Johnny Cash is rightly credited with being the father of outlaw country music. This is not the country music of today, the one that has been taken over by the Carrie Underwoods and the other improbably telegenic performers that populate and dominate the genre. Cash’s music, and the style he created, was the one of Merle Haggard, Hank Williams and Willie Nelson. Cash exuded the idea that if you weren’t against the system, you were part of the system. 

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Local Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter to Complete ‘Make Art Local’ Documentary

Riverside Films is nearing completion of “Make Art Local,” a Bethlehem-centric documentary “that celebrates and investigates the history and future of grassroots arts in Bethlehem.”

Now, they need your help to finish the project.

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