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Marc Ambrosia Feels Love’s Confusion on New Single

Having followed Marc Ambrosia for a few years now, we’ve learned that he’s a singer capable of conveying a variety of moods and emotions. He can deliver the whimsical, carefree love song one minute, and switch things up with something much darker and more brooding the next.

Stylistically, he’s shown versatility, evolving from alternative rock to a more ambient style of pop. That’s where we get into Marc’s new single, “Painting the Shape of My Heart,” perhaps his most ambitious offering to date.

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Mt. Shasta Shows Pop Sensibilities on New Single

Mt. Shasta, the solo project of Easton singer-songwriter Andrew Sheldon, usually veers away from pop song structure. For example, take his debut EP, which features just three songs over 23 minutes and strays from traditional songwriting conventions for something much more minimalist and ambient.

This time, though, Sheldon let his pop sensibilities shine.

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