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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, July 31

Massachusetts native Izzy Heltai is preparing to release his debut full-length album, Father, on October 9.

Heltai, who is trans, offers a unique view on coming to terms with, and accepting, your true self. On Father, he does this while delivering messages of empathy and accountability to the masses — at a time when they are, perhaps, more important than ever.

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LISTEN: Garrett Owen Releases an Intriguing Taste of His Forthcoming Album

Texas-born Garrett Owen has always taken the road less traveled. The son of missionary parents, the versatile troubadour’s upbringing in Africa was an atypical, yet enriching one.

Garrett’s unusual upbringing sparked a curiosity; one that has carried into his adult life, and is presented through the lens of musical experimentation. We can hear it loud and clear on his new single, “Hour in the Forest,” from the upcoming Quiet Lives album (due out Sept. 18).

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REVIEW: Sleepy Gaucho – Morning Light

There’s something about Sleepy Gaucho‘s latest album, Morning Light, that makes it the perfect companion for a long, lonely summer road trip. The Wisconsin native’s mellow vocals and matter-of-fact demeanor work to ease the mind, while his Panamerican folk influences intersect with a dreamy ambiance, giving the entire project a warm glow.

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