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LISTEN: On ‘Godless,’ Fyre Byrd Breaks the Rules (The Right Way)

This Thursday on The Quinn Spinn, we’re thrilled to welcome Fyre Byrd. Now based in Nashville, this Australian-born brother-sister duo is bursting onto the local scene with a brand of loud, emotional music that often defies genre conventions.

If you want an example of that, look no further than their new single, “Godless,” released this past Friday.

Listen now!

UMC20: What’s Up with Spotify? (Mar. 8, 2022)

First, a PSA: if you released music to Spotify within the past week, check to see if it’s online. There were some tracks we planned to include on this week’s UMC20 that, for some reason, have gone dark over there.

Anyway, the good news is that there’s always plenty of fire in the music ecosystem to fill out a UMC20. We found plenty of it in the submission form and numerous inboxes, and we’re excited to present it to you today. Let’s go!

Listen to UMC20

UMC20: The Best of October 2021

We’ve had a full month of new UMC20 playlists for the first time since May. You know what that means!

OK, in case you don’t know what that means: the last Tuesday of the month serves as a month-in-review for our weekly Spotify playlist, featuring the songs that you, the listener, seemed to enjoy the most throughout the month. This month, we did mix it up a bit — specifically, there are a couple of songs on here that didn’t appear on a previous edition of UMC20 this month. However, the artists behind them did, and we just felt like keeping you on your toes with a couple surprises this time around!

Let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s the Best of October!

Listen to the Best of October

Songs You Should Hear: Forts Like Vana Makes You Dance; Notelle Hits Hard on ‘Turnover Rate’ + More

First, thanks to everyone who read and shared last week’s Songs You Should Hear. It was a fun one to construct, and it’s always more fun when this type of thing is a team effort, right?

Well, we’re back with another one! Jenna and I compiled a few tunes to take you into your weekend, and we must not delay any further. Here are some…

Songs You Should Hear: Oct. 22, 2021

Hear What You Should

On ‘Sufjan Stevens,’ Notelle Explores Her Different Personas

We’ve long admired Notelle’s innovative approach to her genre-bending “nightmare pop” music. The Nashville-based artist is always one to give us something interesting and unexpected.

Even so, we’ve never heard her quite like this!

Hear ‘Sufjan Stevens’

UMC20: The Best of November 2020

Compiling this Best Of edition of UMC20 was a challenge enough. As usual, we had a strong month of music around here, and choosing 20 songs always seems to be a formidable task.

However, this challenge pales in comparison to the one that awaits this weekend.

Listen to the Best of November
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