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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, July 16

Notelle is back, bringing us another heavy new single from the shadows.

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PHOTOS: Sounds of The Underground: Live! ft. EDEN and Alpha Zero Three

The first Thursday of June once again brought rock to the stage of Rivals Sports Bar & Restaurant in Easton, the monthly scene of Sounds of The Underground: Live!, presented by WLVU: The Sound of The Underground, The Balcony Show, and Gig Digger Entertainment.

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Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: Mar. 19-25

We’re baaaaaaack!

We hope you enjoyed LVU Review-A-Palooza. It seemed popular with y’all, and we’ll look to do it again whenever we decide to skip town for a few days.

Anyway, we’re back in the saddle, ready to deliver a fresh plate of…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

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The Quinn Spinn: May 16, 2016

On today’s episode, The Quinn Spinn gives you music from across the pond and right here at home. From Quinn Spinn veterans, to talented first-timers. From bands playing their debut show, to those getting ready to rock the stage in front of thousands. This is a vast, always-growing indie music community of ours, and we show it off on today’s show! #BuildingBetter
Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Royzy Rothschild – Eminem Effect
Rod McCoy Music ft. Ron Shirley – My Queen & My Mistress
GC – Wannabe
Ayoinmotion ft. Edson Sean – She’s Leaving
Verde – Power
Snake – Dark Place
Stereo Treason – Open Range
Hell Beings – Leopard
Redleg Husky – My Old Heart
Red Zephyr – Darkened Days
Alpha Zero Three – My Signal
Midnight Mob – Ghosts