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LVU Wants You to Describe Your Album in One Word

Hey, in case you haven’t heard, the year changed over to a new one on Sunday.

In our pledge to reach more of our scene than ever in 2017, we’re making a point to reach out more to you, People of the Underground, to see what you have going on. Obviously, that includes anything released by those of you who are musicians.

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Best of 2016: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

To close our Best of 2016 video series (a joint LVU-Dustin Schoof production), Dustin and I each shared our favorite overall moment from our individual travels through the music scene in 2016, as well as what we’re looking forward to the most in the New Year. My responses are below. Of course, you can catch Dustin’s over at DustinSchoof.com. Mine is below.

I say something to this effect in the video below, but it bears repeating: Thank you all for being the motivating force behind all of this. When LVU launched in January, I could not have imagined it taking off to the heights it has reached. Now, I am optimistic that we will soar even higher together in the New Year.

Please be safe tonight, and have a happy and successful 2017.


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