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UMC20: All the Feels (Nov. 16ish, 2021)

We were a day late with this one! That is indeed what happens when you have two shows and a whole lot of other fun stuff happening this week. Better late than never, right?

Nonetheless, we’re confident that this week’s UMC20 is worth the wait. We’re also confident that it will get you feeling something. There are a lot of heavier, more introspective songs here, befitting a time of year when it gets dark at 2 p.m. or something. ‘Tis the season, we suppose?

Of course, there’s plenty of fun, too. It’s all ready for you below!

Listen to UMC20!

Ele Ivory Tells You Why ‘We Can’t Be Friends’

Ele Ivory is setting up for a big end to the summer of 2021. She’s releasing her album, Drama Club Days, on Sept. 3. Three days later, she’ll join us (via Live from the 615) at The East Room for what’s sure to be a captivating night of female pop.

And then, there’s this: her potent new single, “We Can’t Be Friends.”

Hear the Single
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