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Songs You Should Hear: It’s a Pop Explosion!

We’ve got the bops you need to head into the weekend!

From high-octane anthems, to those more pensive and ethereal, we’re inviting you to hear what’s happening within the pop genre – across the country, and even across the Atlantic! Get to it!

Hear What You Should

REVIEW: Chelsea Cutler Opens Eyes, Hearts at Marathon Music Works

Over the past couple of years, Chelsea Cutler‘s career has taken off like a rocket ship. Her sophomore album, When I Close My Eyes, has served as a true watershed moment in Cutler’s career, and has played a large role in helping her amass more than 750+ million streams to date, widespread acclaim from media outlets like NPR’s Weekend Edition, Variety, MTV News, Entertainment Tonight, COMPLEX, UPROXX, Consequence, HYPEBAE, and Ones To Watch; and festival performances at Coachella, Hangout Music Festival, Forecastle Festival, and more.

All of that was a recipe for a fun night and a packed house on Tuesday night, when the second leg of Cutler’s When I Close My Eyes tour came to Marathon Music Works in Nashville.

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Who Were You Before the Stories? (Solo Mission #10)

This past Friday, I had a chance to reconnect with the root of my passion for music and live performance by attending The Mixtape Tour with New Kids on the Block, Salt N Pepa, En Vogue, and Rick Astley.

The experience brought to mind a broader question: who were we, and what were our passions, before the world got in?


NashLive! Presents: Julia Kahn, Audrey Jane, and Rose Starring at The 5 Spot

We’ll head back to The 5 Spot (1006 Forrest Ave., Nashville) on Friday, January 14 for our first all-female pop showcase of 2022. On this night, we’ll be joined by Julia KahnAudrey Jane, and Rose Starring.

Indianapolis native Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chill wave, R&B, indie-pop vibe. This evening at The 5 Spot will be the second time Julia joins us for a NashLive! show, following a memorable evening at The East Room last October.

Audrey Jane is a pop singer, dancer, and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist. Her most recent release was 2021’s six-track EP, Madhouse, which was commemorated with a live streamed performance and release party from Helping Our Music Evolve in October.

Rose Starring is an independent artist, songwriter, and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee; one who “hopes to be a voice for those who have struggled without one and vulnerable for those who are enduring hardship.” Rose’s 2021 EP Stages of Grief features the single “Bargaining,” which has received more than 55,000 streams to date on Spotify.

Celebrate these rising independent artists with us at The 5 Spot! The show begins at 9 p.m. on Friday, January 14. It’s $10 at the door, you must be 21 or older to get in, and you must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test (<72 hours), per venue policy.

NashLive! Presents: Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn

Sarah Manzo. A girl with stories to tell, a longing to connect and light to share. This Taurus hails from New Jersey but possesses an authentic New York sound. After an intense year of personal growth, spiritually and musically, she now resides in Nashville TN, where she is performing and recording her debut EP! Her music is compatible with fans of Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lianne LaHavas. 

Born just outside of New York City, Dakota Ryley naturally picked up on the city’s R&B nuances, contributing to her unique style of pop. The warm tone and effortless runs that her voice naturally carries reflect that culture. Blunt honesty, spun through raw and real lyrics, defines her ever-growing repertoire. Dakota effortlessly blends contemporary pop sounds with old Motown musical motifs for easy listening. After a full year of five single releases, Dakota is set to drop her debut EP this fall. She started off the summer by releasing the project’s first single, titled “Good For You,” which landed her writeups in Rolling Stone India, Earmilk, Vents Magazine, and several other notable music outlets.

Indianapolis native Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chill wave, R&B, indie-pop vibe. She carries a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling, dealing out heartfelt grooves that reach out to your soul.

Live from the 615 Presents: Timothy Myles, Natasha Blaine, and SHELBYY

We’ll be returning to The East Room (2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville) on Thursday, July 29 with a fun bill offering many different shades of pop. Joining us to complete this endeavor are the super talents of Nashville locals Timothy MylesNatasha Blaine, and SHELBYY

A Chicagoland native, Timothy Myles kicked off the ticketed era of Live from the 615 shows, back when our world was entirely virtual. His EP, Songs of Hope from Sorrow, was recorded live at Battery Lane Music in East Nashville, and released in full this spring. An engaging performer and songsmith, Myles’ performance will serve as a warm welcome to The East Room!

Speaking of that show back in March, Natasha Blaine also crushed it that night. Since then, she’s released her new EP, titled I Fall in Love Too Easily, which has only helped her brand of jazz-pop catch fire here in Nashville — and everywhere else!

SHELBYY is a modern pop-punk/rock artists from Los Angeles, currently residing in Nashville. Her new single, “LOUD,” is the quintessential post-COVID anthem, and a sign of the fun, edgy material she has coming down the pipeline. She’ll surely bring that same energy to the table when she joins us in East Nashville!

Tapping Into the ‘Divine’ with Katie King

Katie King will release her debut EP, Divine, on Friday, May 14. This collection of songs spans multiple genres, and gives the 19-year-old songwriter and Belmont University student a chance to boldly introduce herself to the world, fearlessly and authentically.

On today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn, you’ll learn about the heightened sense of spirituality that led Katie to the creation of Divine. Plus, we’ll hit a range of other topics, from societal norms to the shifts occurring in our modern education system.

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